The Primary Fundraiser For the Justice High School Booster Club

What Is The Wolves Classic

Justice High School will host an all-sport exhibition to support the Wolves Sports Program.  Athletes will get to showcase their abilities in various events to raise money to support all of Justice High School spots programs. Parents and family members will get a chance to compete against our student athletes.

The Wolves Classic is an incredibly fun effort.  Each player solicits pledges to make a tax-deductible donation to the Justice Athletic Boosters. All players have individual web pages that allow for easy donations and words of encouragement. The search form is on the right side of this page.

More than 400 athletes will participate.  Each player is encouraged to raise a minimum of $300.  Weekly and day-of-event prizes will be awarded to players.  We need everyone’s participation to make the Wolves Classic a success.  The greater the success of this effort, the less we will have to depend on the large number of fundraising activities we have engaged everyone in in previous years. You can find details on this site, including the ability to track donations and accept secure electronic payments.


Bench Press Competition
  • Boys 95lbs / Girls 45lbs
  • Successful full repetition of bench press in 1 minute. Participants can rack the weight to rest during the 1 minute. Spotter and Counter will be provided
4 x 400
  • 4 participants
  • Each participant runs 400 meters
  • Teams can have multiple groups of 4 try the 4 x 400 relay. Best time holds.
Obstacle Course
  • Variety of obstacles to navigate through the baseball field
  • Takes place on Baseball Field
Strongest Wolf (Medicine Ball Throw)
  • Overhead throw of medicine ball
  • Participants throw medicine ball (however many attempts needed) for the length of football field (100 yards.)
  • Medicine Ball must come to a complete stop before participant’s next attempts
  • Participants rotate after each throw; participant can’t throw consecutive times
  • Location: Football Field
Pin Elimination
  • Team vs Team Format on Main Gym Basketball Court
  • Object of game is to knock down all 8 pins of the opposing team. Pins are set up along the baseline of the basketball court.
  • Teams must stay on their own half of the basketball court at all times
  • Participants may not touch pins at anytime

Progress Towards Goal

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CONTRIBUTION NOTE: Justice Athletic Boosters is a 501(c)(3) organization designated by the Internal Revenue Code (Tax ID 54-6056460). All donations are tax-deductible.

Many employers will match nonprofit contributions. Please consider inquiring about that valuable benefit.